WSDL based SOAP for perl


SOAP::WSDL is a WSDL based open-source SOAP toolkit for perl. It allows to easily create client and server SOAP interfaces based on a WSDL description (WSDL-first Web Services).
SOAP::WSDL does not attempt to implement all concepts in all versions of the SOAP and WSDL specifications, but to comply to the WS-I Basic Profile.
SOAP-WSDL_XS provides a high-speed SOAP message parser for SOAP::WSDL

What is SOAP, what is WSDL?

SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is a W3C recommendation. The latest version of the SOAP specification may be found here. SOAP defines a protocoll for message exchange between applications. The most popular usage is to use SOAP for remote procedure calls (RPC).
WSDL is an acronym for Web Services Description Language. WSDL is a W3C recommendation. The latest version of the WSDL specification may be found here. WSDL defines a XML-based language for describing web service interfaces, including SOAP interfaces.


Mar 03 2009: SOAP-WSDL_XS 0.2 release.
First public release of SOAP-WSDL_XS.
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Feb 22 2009: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.09 release.
Bugfix release: Fixes a few simple bugs.
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Feb 22 2009: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.08 release.
Bugfix release: perl Build test fails when SOAP::WSDL has not previously been installed. Users of 2.00.07 can safely skip this release, as it only changes a few files in the test suite.
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Feb 21 2009: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.07 release.
A maintenance release with numerous new features and bug fixes. Most notably, there's the ability to enable "lax" XML processing, and a Java example included
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SOAP-WSDL linked from Wikipedia!
I just noticed that SOAP::WSDL (this page) is linked from Wikipedia! And I haven't dug deep enough to find out since when - it must be a while now...
Many thanks to the all Wikipedia guys and all Wikipedia authors, including anonymous - you rock!
Dec 03 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.06 released.
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Aug 14 2008: SOAP-WSDL Lighting talk at YAPC Europe
I did a lightning talk on YAPC Europe 2008 in beautiful Copenhagen. During YAPC, I had the chance to Mark Overmeer, the author of XML::Compile. Let's see whether there's opportunities to work together on perl's SOAP support in the future...
Jun 05 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.05 released.
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Jun 05 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.04 released.
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May 18 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.03 released.
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May 16 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.02 released.
It looks like this release is broken, so you better skip it.
Apr 26/27 2008: Erlangen PM WSRP Hackathon using SOAP::WSDL
The perl monger group Erlangen PM had organized a WSRP hackathon on 26/27th of April in Nuremberg, Germany. WSRP is a OASIS standard for a portlet technology, allowing to include remote portlets via a SOAP-based web service interface. For details, see the WSRP TC home page. While things started a bit slowly, the hackathon yielded a minimal WSRP producer, and a command line WSRP consumer for testing, all based on SOAP::WSDL. Even though the current state of the WSRP library is best described as "proof of concept", SOAP::WSDL turned out to be a very helpful tool for implementing a WSRP toolkit in perl. The WSRP distribution created at the hackathon is planned to be released on CPAN, and can be retrieved from the subversion repository at
Apr 23 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00.01 released.
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Apr 19 2008: SOAP::WSDL listed at
SOAP::WSDL is listed at ohloh. Check out the code metrics rate it and add it to your stack, if you like.
Mar 30 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00_33 pre-release.
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Feb 14 2007: SOAP-WSDL 2.00_32 pre-release.
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Feb 11 2007: SOAP-WSDL 2.00_31 pre-release.
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Jan 30 2008: SOAP talk at German Perl Workshop
Martin is doing a talk on perl's current SOAP toolkit at German Perl Workshop 2008 in Erlangen (February 13 - February 15 2008). You may download the submission proceedings to the and slides here.
Jan 20 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00_29 pre-release.
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Jan 13 2008: SOAP-WSDL 1.27 release.
This is a bugfix release of the 1.2x SOAP-WSDL branch.
Jan 08 2008: SOAP-WSDL 2.00_28 pre-release.
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Martin at GPW10 2008
Martin at GPW10 2008
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Related projects

SOAP-WSDL_XS High-performance SOAP message parser for SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::Lite Client and server side SOAP implementation. Good support for rpc/encoded SOAP messages, basic support for document/literal SOAP messages. Basic WSDL support.
XML::Compile::SOAP SOAP Client and Server. Support for generating WSDL-based XML parser/generator pairs and for parsing/generating SOAP messages. Uses XML::LibXML's DOM implementation as base.


SOAP::WSDL is a WSDL based SOAP library for perl. Martin Kutter maintains the distribution. While the current implementation covers the needs of most users, there are still many features missing from SOAP::WSDL. As an open-source project, development and participation for SOAP::WSDL is open to anyone willing to assist and contribute. Any contribution is welcome, from bug reports, to patches, to new features. If you want to join the project, post a note to the SOAP::WSDL forum. Follow the links below for more information about working on SOAP::WSDL.



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